Thursday, April 7, 2016

One side of a 4-link assembly. Looking for interferences etc. It uses standard grade 8  9/16"x4" bolts and lock nuts,  1" and 1.75" .120 wall tube, sleeves and poly bushings. It can be adjusted (after welding up properly) for pinion angle at different levels of squat. The shock mounts are adjustable for any laterally bolted shock or coil-over set. It has 10" of adjustment for the shock mount position.
 I'm going to try a version with high misalignment rod ends instead of 2 5/8" bushings. I've seen a lot of kits with rod ends, but they're much narrower. This is only the 4 link, no other locating bars included. This design requires a Panhard bar to locate the rear end side to side.

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