Thursday, September 29, 2011

I enjoyed this; Micronaut

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EpoxyCast 60 for lens applications

Castable Epoxy Resin (clear, tintable)

This has some interesting applications. Might not have the best light transmission properties or clarity, but it looks like making your own vintage tinted lenses for custom applications is easy with this stuff.  It could be done with some air bubbles included for that extra-vintage look. Polishes and is very hard and durable.  It's made by Smooth-On, who make the best epoxy adhesives available. I imagine something like a giant euro-lens cover would be difficult.
Looking for a casting epoxy to re-create the 500 SEC grille trim. The below picture (not mine) is all too common. The replacement parts for the below damage cost the owner $6000!!! That's a lot. There's nothing quite like OEM parts! But I have the original parts, in pieces, which can't be put back together. But with a solid mold made from the originals, duplicates could be made to replace things which are no longer available. Without the surrounding trim the grille looks kinda f-ed up.
Poor grille. It's plastic, and easily frangible.