Monday, July 21, 2008


The RRB is sprayed and decal'd. I found campy and super vitus decals in australia for $11. They are very good quality reprints. The frame is black and cream. Most of the components are around somewhere, but still waiting on a few Stronglight A9H 1" headsets and a big old chainring.
Also got another random French frame from Ron that was about 48cm. Painted that all Cream and detailed the lugs with a black stripe. It had a Shimano crank which wanted a polished finish. Nice beg aluminum crank arms should be bared, not dipped in grey paint. It also needs a big ass chainring. I don't reckon this paint will last more than a year. Not much to be done about that. Plain old spray enamel isn't as durable as the linear polyurethane that was originally on there. But it isn't as deadly toxic either.
Ok this post is pretty useless without pics.