Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Protect and preserve our public lands

The new administration is going to push hard to roll back legislation that protects public lands. They see public lands as money being thrown away, and a missed opportunity to extract mineral resources for money. The most recent example of this is in Utah, where the mostly Republican lawmakers are bowing to their corporate sponsors, selling off and limiting access to places that were declared public by previous forward-thinking administrations. Places where people can roam, explore, climb, camp responsibly without being in violation of the law.
There are big things at stake: education, healthcare, civil rights, the economy, foreign policy, the environment, and basic human progress. These are all in danger. It may not seem as important to protect public lands, but they are vital to our country in more ways than just providing recreation for millions of visitors per year. They are also watersheds, habitats for diverse species of plants and animals, reservoirs, carbon sinks and air recyclers, rich sources of geological information,