Tuesday, February 21, 2012

500 SEC circa 1983

500 SEC AMG with Ronal R31 wheels

Here's a shot of a 126C Mercedes in Miami Beach, FL when it was new in 1983. This was an $80,000 car in '83 dollars. Adjusted for inflation that's $178,000 in today's money. The owner sold it to a rich young rich person, who totaled it 2 weeks later.  Don't do cocaine.
Currently I have the 15x6" Mercedes 'manhole cover' aero wheels with tires that should have been replaced years ago. The wheels pictured above, Ronal R-31 Centras in 16x8 should be arriving shortly.
I changed out the engine mounts recently, next is front end suspension refresh, rear shocks, and to take a look at the differential, which is leaking and will need to be refreshed. I broke one of the front subframe bushing mounts this weekend while taking it off the jack stands. That will need re-welding, and I'll probably cut out and rebuild the area with 1/8" steel like I did on the other side.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guide rod mounts

Nice pictorial on replacing the guide rod mounts. Next job after the engine and trans mounts are replaced.