Wednesday, July 27, 2016

500 SEC repair todo list

Your S-Class runs and drives? GTFO! STFU!

Here’s a list of things that I KNOW are currently wrong with my mercobenz which need fixin:

1. Rear brake hardlines blown. No rear brake pressure.

2. Fuel leak from send and return lines. YAY! All of the Bosch nonsense out back needs replacing.

3. Fuel hard lines are rotten. Needs replacing front to back.

4. Something not right in the driveshaft. All new center bearing and flex couplings, but there’s still a vibration from it when I pull away with any vigor.

5. Alignment is off, can’t go over 60mph without death wobble.

6. Sunroof switch is dead. Need a new one. Sunroof works though!

7. AC is completely not working. I could throw a belt on it, but I’m sure there are other things preventing its functioning at all...

8. Cold idle enrichment injector not behaving. I don’t see the point of this thing. It just causes the thing to run like shit when it’s cold.

9. Missing vital interior wood.

10. The carpet is something I cut out from a nearly matching color carpet found at home depot after the original was destroyed by one of many previous owners. I’m not great at installing carpet. Learned that the hard way. I don’t think anyone can tell though.

11. Passenger-side door card will not stay on. I’ve tried everything, but once integral plastic clips are broken an alternative fastening method is needed. Sheet metal screws.

12. Rear window is starting to delam. That’s an unfixable problem afaik. Water sits in the corners, capillary effect draws it up between the sheets of glass. I don’t know what the glass was bonded with, but it stopped working.