Friday, April 4, 2008


Design Within Reach is a company which I have purchased items from. These items are currently being destroyed by cats, but that is my fault for buying attractive matching wool sofa and chair. Now there are some shitty, overpriced furniture manufacturers out there. There are also some very reasonably priced furniture manufactures out there. But nobody wants that shit.
I've always called DWR 'Design Beyond Reach' because of their consistent and unabashed overpriceage.
Take todays example: $650 for a rather small injection molded polyurethane rainwater collection tank.
Its green and funky looking, and it holds 47 gallons. Which is close to the capacity of a typical green plastic rain barrel. Considering it is designed by an architect from Sydney (no, I've never heard of her either), DWR thinks $650 is reasonable. If you want a wall bracket to mount it vertically, you can buy the specially made mild steel, possibly galvanized, channel bracket and a bolt. These normally $3 hardware store items will cost you $90. In addition, if you don't want leaves and other floaties in the tank, you should purchase a leaf filter screen, which is simply a cup of wire mesh. For $50.
This strikes me as outrageous enough to spend time to post this message into the ether, where it will only serve to remind me later that I spent the time to write it.