Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The three most beautiful British sports cars within reach of the enthusiast with a limited budget

50's Triumph TR3A: Swooping fenders, low slung, reasonable power and handling with 1930's technology.

MG MGA: The 56 to 62 MGA is a classic looking car, with swooping fenders and a long hood ('bonnet' if you prefer). High export percentages mean that they're not very rare in the US.

Austin-Healey 100/4. Another beauty. The Austin 3000 is more sought after I think, and the prices of those in good condition reflect that ($80+k in the US)
The 100/4 is not as powerful or smooth as the 3000, but it is very good looking. They can be had in running condition for less than $20k.

All of these were available in other forms: convertible roadsters and removable and fixed hard top roadsters and coupes. There were also fiberglass creations made to fit on these car's frames.
So if you are a fan of open tops, tall skinny tires on wire wheels, manual everything, light weight and good power to weight ratio for the time, these are the perfect British cars with pedigree and class for the same money as a typical American muscle car. These are the pre-pre prototypes for the AC Cobra and other big engined roadsters. They have a more refined, classic look though, without the giant fender flares and the necessity for huge rubber to handle the V8s.