Monday, October 17, 2011

Steel eating rust demon

exposed rust demon
rust demon hiding in a corner

Cut out the rusted area, leaving the rear structure in place for now to fit new sheet metal. The original shapes are duplicated using shrinking and stretching dies, and some hammering. Everything is ground back to clean steel.
New sheet metal butt-welded in after tacking. The structures behind the well were cut out and replaced too, but those are not visible anymore. The seam at the bottom is sealed with seam sealer.
The area is then primed with self-etching lacquer primer, left to cure and coated with a brush on urethane rubber rock guard about 1/4" thick.  It's rubbery, but more like plastic so it doesn't hold water like rubber would.
Matching the texture to the original is difficult, and as you can see. 

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