Tuesday, August 9, 2011

C126 Mercedes Resto

I just pulled this one off the street. It's a 1985 500 SEC, euro spec with the M117 V8 engine, aluminum hood and trunk. It looks pretty bad, but there actually wasn't much wrong with it until I got it home and broke the driver's side window. The door dent put too much pressure on the window, which got stuck, then exploded spectacularly. That will be expensive. Also expensive is the grille, which can't be found for less than $400 anywhere. There are a few mechanical problems: high idle, a transmission mount is worn out or broken, it needs new brakes and shocks all around, the lower radiator hose fitting is leaking. God knows what else. It will have to wait until the W116 mentioned before is finished and prepped for paint. For the meantime it's sitting as far away from other moving vehicles as possible, because I find these are magnets for uninsured drivers, and insurance companies won't fix them anyway. Nothing like rarity to make it a target for morons. Kind of like the time I ran into our 300E. It just appeared in the rear-view as I was backing up. Just kind of jumped up behind me. That's the only time I've ever hit a parked car. So, never park these on the street.

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