Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craigslist temptations of the day

Has 292, 3spd probably on the tree.
"not running now did run when parked 8 or 9 years ago"
Or 12. Who's counting.

More like ... $600? $700? OK $750
Bring a trailer.
75 F100 extended cab which is in much better condition than it should be. This truck is looooong. Extended cab/long bed makes it something like 18 feet. Good deal, nice color and remarkably intact for having lived in Chicago. Woo. Fuck.

More like
Fuck thats a good deal.
Drive it home.

I don't get this one.
Selling it or fixing it or what?
too much money for having been so crawled over.
more like $400
Bring a trailer.

No real info on this one except it has:

More like $800, but I guess with God wheels..

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