Monday, May 9, 2011

M110 Vacuum diagram

woot! I have most of them connected now, but there are a few hanging around. This one shows a single line to the distributor vacuum advance. I have a dual diaphragm distributor, one for advance, one for retard. The retard is not connected to anything, and I can't find a place to connect it. I imagine it has to go somewhere AFTER the throttle plate, only because the advance line (see #8 above) is BEFORE the plate. And it would only make sense for them to be on opposite sides of the throttle plate to me. The before side is lower pressure, at idle, higher at full throttle. The after side is highest at idle,  lowest at full throttle. Why they needed a push-pull system is beyond my reckoning. If you connect them wrong the engine will either not idle at all, or have no power over 3000 rpm.

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