Wednesday, April 6, 2011

more concepts

This is the original concept, now with more details. It's still feasible I think, but some of the geometry has become difficult to deal with. It takes about an hour to get from an octoad to a nice smoothed shape, but adding in the details after that can take a while.

 I do like this one, but it's a bit generic don't you think? It's practical, can be made small enough without looking like a miniature of something. But it looks too much like an R8 or a Lotus or something. The quality and lighting in that render is terrible.
 A diffuse render.

Why not? Inspired by the 1960s LeMans racing cars by Ferrari and the Alfa Romeo Stradale. It's probably way too long and low for the proposed frame and driving position, but who cares really...
And who designs the frame first??

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