Monday, April 11, 2011

Engine fitting

I'd like to have a general idea of how the EJ-20 engine will fit in the chassis, and how the body will fit on that. I don't have any accurate engine models, so I'll have to create them. Looking at a photo of the engine sitting on a pallet gives a very bad approximation of dimensions, but its what's available. The engine in the renderings below is WAY bigger than the EJ20 or EZ3x engine. I created these mostly to have some fun with the exhaust routing. I have created a more accurately sized EJ-20 4 cylinder with the AWD transaxle in proper proportions, but it's not rendered. The actual frame should be similar to the FFR GTM super car's chassis, but shorter in length. I can't imagine they'd build it much different, because the GTM is a fantastic looking chassis. For the purpose of fitting everything, I'll render the body in a thin glass material. I found that the model below provides no room for driver + passenger, but prefers a more central driving position. That will have to be remedied somehow. I'm guessing from the current entries on the GRM forums (I'm trying to avoid those) that the below style is pretty far off from the rest of the contestants. What I'm seeing there is closer to a Lotus Evora than a 60's LeMans racer. 

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